Wednesday, July 05, 2006

YPN Ads Performing Lower

A quick note to tell you I've experienced lower payout in the contextual ads from the Yahoo Publisher Network. That was expected.

When I asked all of my Brazilian friends why the team failed to continue in the 2006 World Cup, they all replied - it was expected. One went so far as saying that, politically, FIFA requested that they not qualify so that another team could win this time. Six is too many.


But it's fun to dream up all kinds of excuses when you're defeated. In any event, if everyone expected this, why bother to cheer and go crazy when your team scores? You know the outcome.

I've been predicting that YPN ads would lose some value as more publishers joined the network. That seems to have happened.

Here's what you need to do: Continue to add more pages of great content to your sites, and make very sure they are linked properly so that the search engines can spider and index them. Your increased amount of pages and content will offset the loss in revenue.

That's your homework for now. Remember, successful people simply do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Go Portugal...

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