Wednesday, July 05, 2006

YPN Ads Performing Lower

A quick note to tell you I've experienced lower payout in the contextual ads from the Yahoo Publisher Network. That was expected.

When I asked all of my Brazilian friends why the team failed to continue in the 2006 World Cup, they all replied - it was expected. One went so far as saying that, politically, FIFA requested that they not qualify so that another team could win this time. Six is too many.


But it's fun to dream up all kinds of excuses when you're defeated. In any event, if everyone expected this, why bother to cheer and go crazy when your team scores? You know the outcome.

I've been predicting that YPN ads would lose some value as more publishers joined the network. That seems to have happened.

Here's what you need to do: Continue to add more pages of great content to your sites, and make very sure they are linked properly so that the search engines can spider and index them. Your increased amount of pages and content will offset the loss in revenue.

That's your homework for now. Remember, successful people simply do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Go Portugal...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th From Naples, FL

We are celebrating our country's independence today, a birthday for the USA. This time around, mainly because of the weather, we'll be doing a great deal of it indoors. It's hot, even though we're a five minute walk from the ocean.

We'll be grilling up a salmon, since we're fish-a-tarians. And while we're thinking of what it took to make this nation great, we'll be seeing if Germany can pull off a win over the powerful Italians this afternoon.

So many have asked me to explain step-by-step what I'm doing with AdSense Wealth Empire. At the moment, I am putting in place a network of sites that will help strengthen the "AdSense" sites. The method is common, but the way in which the AdSense Wealth Empire gurus go about it is brilliant. While I won't get into specifics, because even though these fellows make good money with ad revenue - they also have a mission for revenues from the sale of the program, I will say that everything done is practically done manually.

And that's a huge clue.

If you've read through the blog, you know that I've never been a proponent for blatant automation. Neither are the major search engines - which is why so many of these methods are a mere flash in the pan.

Fireworks off the Naples Pier - courtesy naplesnews.comOne the most beautiful things about 4th of July here in Naples, is the fireworks off the Naples Pier. Starting around 9 PM, everyone makes their way down to the beach to see the spectacle over the Gulf of Mexico. Choreographed to music, it's the crown to a wonderful day.

Imagine, if you can, that all the fireworks somehow went off at the same time - one huge boom! Yes, that would be spectacular - what brilliance and sound! However, the effect would be quick and not as rewarding as seeing the fireworks metered out over a half hour or so.

Well, that's the effect you get from tossing a few hundred sites up and expecting to get your fortune. Consumers may see it briefly - but that's not what they want. You may gain something - but soon are delisted completely from the SERPs.

Make it a great day, wherever you are. I am still working my YPN ad network. This (AWE), is a great addition to an already great business.

Dave & family

Monday, July 03, 2006

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

For the past few weeks at the Jackson household a CD has been playing, almost non-stop, with the tunes to a "kids" musical. I can even hear it playing now, from the portable CD player near our piano. Rachel dances to the tunes, sings the songs and even tries her hand accompanying them on the piano. Does a pretty good job, too!

When I was a kid, there wasn't the myriad of summer camps that we have now. We didn't really need them then. Whatever the season, it seemed we found much more interesting things to do outdoors than in. There are probably more cool things to do outdoors nowadays, too - we've just allowed ourselves to become hypnotized by the TV, "now with over 500 channels!"

Rachel with Jessica and teacher Lori Santos of the Naples Community TheatreIn any case, at Rachel's age, and with the summer heat, we signed her up for Acting Camp at the Naples Community Theatre. The two week intensive had her singing songs of Aesop's Fables. What a learning experience for us! Imagine hearing the wisdom of Aesop ringing through your house for two or three weeks?

One wonders how one person can be blessed with so much wisdom.

Among the "look before you leap", "don't count your chickens before they hatch", and "never cry wolf", is my favorite and applies in a major way to my work with Google AdSense, YPN or any contextual ad methodology. And that one is: Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Remember the tortoise and the hare? Who doesn't? Yes, the tortoise won by simply being consistent at the task before him. The hare, on the other hand, wanted instant gratification - but thought so much of his rapid plan that he assumed he had the luxury of taking a nap.

Many moons ago, when a friend and I were creating one of the first radio networks in Brazil, he took me aside and said, Dave - if you climb the ladder too fast, you're going to miss a few rungs and fall. It's best to take each step slowly and solidly. Wow, what great advice - which has helped me through my entire life.

So, please leave with this - this business of building great income with contextual advertising is not something you will make quickly. As a matter of fact, many make some "good" money quickly by using poorly thought out strategies - but end up back at near zero because their system doesn't work long-term.

Remember, you need to build a strong foundation. Machine-gunning hundreds of spammy websites with little content of value is not only a poor game plan, but will get you delisted in days - and all of your work will be in vain.

When you see systems, programs, such as the one I've been evaluating over the past few weeks, (AdSense Wealth Empire), and you wonder how these fellows can possibly make that kind of money with Google AdSense, you must know that they went about the challenge much the same way the tortoise did - one solid step at a time. It takes time to build a solid game plan.

And that's something the hare couldn't appreciate.

Slow and steady does win the race.