Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th From Naples, FL

We are celebrating our country's independence today, a birthday for the USA. This time around, mainly because of the weather, we'll be doing a great deal of it indoors. It's hot, even though we're a five minute walk from the ocean.

We'll be grilling up a salmon, since we're fish-a-tarians. And while we're thinking of what it took to make this nation great, we'll be seeing if Germany can pull off a win over the powerful Italians this afternoon.

So many have asked me to explain step-by-step what I'm doing with AdSense Wealth Empire. At the moment, I am putting in place a network of sites that will help strengthen the "AdSense" sites. The method is common, but the way in which the AdSense Wealth Empire gurus go about it is brilliant. While I won't get into specifics, because even though these fellows make good money with ad revenue - they also have a mission for revenues from the sale of the program, I will say that everything done is practically done manually.

And that's a huge clue.

If you've read through the blog, you know that I've never been a proponent for blatant automation. Neither are the major search engines - which is why so many of these methods are a mere flash in the pan.

Fireworks off the Naples Pier - courtesy naplesnews.comOne the most beautiful things about 4th of July here in Naples, is the fireworks off the Naples Pier. Starting around 9 PM, everyone makes their way down to the beach to see the spectacle over the Gulf of Mexico. Choreographed to music, it's the crown to a wonderful day.

Imagine, if you can, that all the fireworks somehow went off at the same time - one huge boom! Yes, that would be spectacular - what brilliance and sound! However, the effect would be quick and not as rewarding as seeing the fireworks metered out over a half hour or so.

Well, that's the effect you get from tossing a few hundred sites up and expecting to get your fortune. Consumers may see it briefly - but that's not what they want. You may gain something - but soon are delisted completely from the SERPs.

Make it a great day, wherever you are. I am still working my YPN ad network. This (AWE), is a great addition to an already great business.

Dave & family

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Brian Cook said...

Hi Dave,

I am considering purchasing the Adsense Wealth Empire and appreciate the comments you make regarding it.

I have been earning a good AdSense income for over a year now strictly using arbitrage (buying traffic to my AdSense sites at low cost), but really want to get into a long-term solution based on search engine results.

Happy 4th of July to you as well!

Brian Cook