Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Ninety Day Challenge

I've decided to take a break from my online work to mentor 10 people for a period of 90 days in how to make a steady income using the Internet.

As you know, I make the bulk of my income from contextual ads placed on websites that are content rich. But many have asked how to get started doing this. And a few have said that the information on this site is over their heads.

So, what I will do is break it down, step by step, for you to easily follow how I create my websites and where I place my ads. We will take real time examples. You'll see how my pages get cached by Google. You'll find out what tools I use. All my secrets.

In order to keep the group small - so I can help each person individually, I've decided to limit it to ten.

Imagine finally getting the blueprint to how to make quality sites and monetize them so they keep making money for you. We'll go over how Google changes the rules, how old school doesn't work anymore.

I'm calling this the 90 Day Challenge. I'll be sharing more details in the next few days.