Thursday, August 10, 2006

AdSense Wealth Empire Videos Released

AdSense Wealth EmpireJust wanted to post an update on AWE. The new videos that Roy promised have been released and I took the afternoon reviewing the new data.

Roy went over about ten topics in great detail that will help any current user have a better understanding of the whole system, and how to make it work more efficiently.

The videos were a response to questions posed to the team. What I like about them is that you can pause them at any point and "easily" skip back a few frames to repeat an item. This isn't always possible in video - many times the player has to buffer the entire video causing delay and frustration. With the AWE videos, you can click anywhere in the timeline and you are instantly there. Nice.

What this video does is also helps you become more organized with their system. It's a challenge to have websites, directories, links, e-mails, and a myriad of other important keys active at the same time. I am always telling people that it's the discipline that will make you wealthy. Most people see the challenge and decide it's big for them.

My wife and I had a good laugh just the other day over something similar. She has her own business and many times people will ask what she does for a living. Sometimes she says she "has her own business".

She said that recently, and before she could get another word out, the gal shot back with, "Oh, I could never do that!!"

We laughed later, because what if the job was "picking money from a huge money tree", or "collecting golden eggs this goose keeps laying?"

Here's the point...

Something like AdSense Wealth Empire is a big project for anyone. But, so is owning a McDonald's franchise. Yet, the reward is sweet. And the work - as shown by Roy in the AdSense Wealth Empire new videos - can be organized, and taken a step at a time. You'll see a mountain, or an ocean - but both can be conquered in small steps.

You guys know I keep a journal - actually a few. One is a life journal, and one is a business journal, i.e., how things are going with my businesses, notes, observations. I've often suggested to you to grab a journal and start doing the same thing.

So, if you haven't purchased one, yet - this is your goal for the next 24 hours. Get your hands on one and start writing. And, for those of you who have one - here's something you may want to do in the next 24 hours - order the AWE package, if you haven't, and if you have - map out what you are going to do this week.

And here's a tip.

Do this away from the computer. Away from the TV, or other distraction. In fact, if you can, go for a walk with your journal in hand or in a backpack, and spend an hour or some and scheme how you will get going with AWE or any other strategy. You'll find the wide open space will do wonders for clearing your mind.

Let me know how it goes and stay tuned! The best is yet to come.