Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blueprint for a Web Based Business

At the Naples Beach Hotel and Gulf Club in Naples, FloridaIt's a sunny day in Naples, Florida. We did our Saturday morning routine by having brunch down at the magnificent Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club right on the Gulf of Mexico.

From your table you can gaze out at the sea and take in the gulls flying effortlessly by, the beautiful sailboats that dot the horizon, or a few kids starting their first sand castles of the day.

This is a day I normally take off, but wanted to update you on how well the 90 day challenge is starting off. Actually, I'm changing the name. It runs over 90 days - but I want the title to be more specific to the course.

During one of our discussion sessions, I realized that most are focusing on too many things in an effort to have one thing float to the top as the money maker. And I'm not talking about multiple streams of income. I'm all for that.

I'm talking about trying PPC, Directory submits, link exchanges, ghostwriters, templates, PHP rewrites, the whole gamut. You can't focus on all these and do justice to any. We went over that and it's really a big mistake. Don't fall into this trap yourself, even if you are making marginal profits.

Another thing that came up was again in the area of focus. Most people found after the first few days that the program gets monotonous. And that's the reason that the field is so wide open for people who want to get into this market. Most drop off before payday. You must remain focused and that's why I believe this program is so great. You just do what you need to on that day and wait until tomorrow. But even if it is monotony, you still do it - knowing that if you stick to it, payoff will come.

Will everyone in the program make money? I believe so... but it's really up to what keywords they work with. I am doing my best to help them choose wisely. But remember, not every keyword is a winner. That's why we work with a dozen sites in the course.

Someone asked to sneak a site for people reading here to watch over time, and I've agreed to do that. Stay tuned.