Tuesday, July 11, 2006

AdSense Wealth Empire Latest Update

Grand Cayman Beach

Have you ever been to a country where they drive on the left-hand side of the road? If you're from one of those countries, than picture driving on the right-hand side.

But for many of us yanks who venture to countries where they drive a little strangely, it takes "some" getting used to.

It's not like you "can't" do it - millions are. It's simply that you are have been programmed to doing it differently. So, when a new way of doing something comes along - even though you end up at the destination just the same - it does take some thinking to get your mind around it.

We're in Grand Cayman for a few weeks and here they drive on the left.

I've never done that before!

So, it's taking some major re-programming. They call it re-wiring in NLP. You take the path that has been ground into your mind for years and suddenly you change it. Your mind keeps wanting to go back to the old pathways. We are not wired mechanically. It is difficult to shut something off - it takes some programming.

But those of you who know me know that I am all for "change" when it means good stuff. For me, driving here is a challenge. It's different and fun. And yes, I took out full coverage on the rental car!

This week, Google came out with a Keyword Quality update. What's in store is that if your AdWords landing page is fluff - be prepared to pay through the nose for your keyword. And, it's about time Google addressed this. In my work, I've seen more and more loss of the top 3 - 5 position on Google's SERPs to spamvertisers.

Now all we have to do is click on the Ads by Gooooogle link and report the fluff and garbage. Will they get banned? Maybe. But, at least Google has promised to take a look at that landing page. And if you're thinking you'll put your competition out of business by doing this - remember that if their landing page - that page that the ad in the search engine takes you to - is quality content, you'll probably flag them as a great advertiser. Remember: Google checks.

In a little while, we're headed out to eat for the first time here in Grand Cayman. And, back again I'll be to driving on the left - this time in darkness. Scary? No - but "challenging". And, that's the way it is with the latest from AdSense Wealth Empire.

New strategies for linking are forthcoming. What is vital is that these links are created in such a way that "you" hold all the power. Isn't that the way it should be?

Imagine your own network of links that you control and you determine where you point them. You give power to your own work. One way quality links that webmasters die for. These strategies are powerful and is what makes AdSense Wealth Empire really work - long term.

Grand Cayman Beaches

Is it "drink out of a coconut" money? Hey, I'm sitting at a resort in Grand Cayman! This is the perfect compliment to what I am doing with YPN. Click on the AdSense Wealth Empire Fast Facts link in the menu column for more.

I'll have more later. Got to get ready to face those crazy drivers.


Steve said...

Hi Dave,

Great Blog!

I also purchased AWE and have been intrigued by their linking strategies... but in some ways I feel like their strategies are not quite "white hat" as they claim in their copy but ventures into the "grey area".

Would you agree?

However, the information contained within the package is great and the software is pretty decent and I'm busy at work putting some of their techniques to work.


Dave Jackson said...

I suppose you're referring to where you grab your content? If this is the case, from my findings, the content comes from places that are more than happy to see their content broadcast - as long as you don't claim authorship.

What AWE does is incorporate a full link back to the source and does not make it appear that the content is yours.

Steve said...

No, I was actually referring to the way they utilize blogs... I should have been a bit more specific. :D

Dave Jackson said...

Not at all. I believe the way in which blogger accounts are used to solidify a link network is genius. Not at all gray.

Their suggestion is to create natural blogs, hand made.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i saw your endorsement of AWE on their site, i was wondering if you have built a site thats doing well using AWE, as with most products there never seems to be any real examples of what the program can do. Would be useful to hear your input, many thanks SG03

my email is micp@hotmail.com, if you need to reply in private

Dave Jackson said...

It's far too early, for me anyway, to see any results from work I've done with AWE. My strategy is to go slow, solidly and create a strong network. I am projecting that my first great income from this will come about next quarter.

However, the reason I so strongly endorse the package is because their strategies all make sense, and, have worked in a very big way for them. It is easy to see that anyone simply duplicating their efforts can duplicate their income.