Saturday, September 30, 2006

StomperNet Heats Up

There was a time in my early commodity trading days that I used a service called Unfair Advantage. The idea behind the software, before the days of the Internet, was that you could have years of data at your fingertips, delivered on CD's. Input that data into software programs and you would be weeks ahead of the competition, sometime.

Of course, in the end, there were SO many other variables out there that the market could deal you a bad hand no matter your unfair advantage.

And that's where trading commodities or stocks differs from what Andy Jenkins and the gang at StomperNet are doing.

Yes, both rely on market rules, but in StomperNet's case, there aren't that many variables. In commodities, you have the weather, the economy, market sentiment, and thousand and thousands of other traders. With the system Andy is promoting, there are only a few variables worth noting - and they cover all of them.

Due out Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006, StomperNet promises to be everything you've dreamed about in making a living on the Internet. Because the fellows have been so open about their system, it bears taking a look at.

In every newsletter and website video you can glean a ton of information, for free. For example, in today's e-mail, Andy talks about how StomperNet's member have an "Unfair Advantage" as well. He says it's SEO Automation, in the form of a linking system that is totally white hat.

And then he explains how it works.

So, take notes.

First, if you want to have great, white hat links, note he calls the system the StomperNet "Content Exchange System" and runs on their own system.

So, from this you get that:

1. Only exchange links with similar content sites.
2. Don't exchange links between any of your sites on the same network.

Okay - more points.

Andy says - Theme and Topic are important. Hosting company and IP are important.

3. Exchange links between similar topics (Andy cites air conditioning and home improvement).
4. Again - keep sites and your external, inbound links on different hosts, networks.

One thing I love about Andy is his ability to explain anything in a sensible and humorous way. He's fun to listen to and you can tell he's genuinely interested in making sure what he says is understood in today's lingo.

I look forward to seeing the whole project and Andy promises us we won't have to sell the farm to afford a seat.

Search Engine Submission Keyword Phrase

Yahoo Overture Keyword Selection ToolI've found a great way to snag some niche keywords using any keyword extraction tool, such as the one at Overture - and Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

For example, say you wanted to create sites on ATV Tires. First you would go to Overture and find the top searches.

Next, you could put this list into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and see how much Search Volume versus Advertiser Competition there is.

Why is this interesting?

Because with this tool, you can find niches that have high searches and not much advertising. Advertising generally means that the niche is exploited - so, it's no longer even a niche.

Google AdWords Keyword ToolFor me, I use this to find areas where I can advertise - using AdWords to send traffic to my site. Say you are selling ATV Tires. You could then see that a top search keyword is atv tires wheels and atv wheels and tires - and not much advertiser competition - according to Google.

As far as I know, this is for all Google's AdWords competition, so you can't break-out just the SERPs.

In any event, with ads I place in AdWords, the ones with low advertiser competition normally start around five cents per click, when you specify an exact match.

Let me know your findings.