Friday, July 28, 2006

New AdSense Wealth Empire Videos

AdSense Wealth Empire videosOne thing I like about the team of Roy Oron & Maayan Marzan is that they actually take great pains to keep their product up to date, and to change strategies when industry changes are occurring. This endorses the fact that the AdSense Wealth Empire program works.

There's a cabinet full of other "AdSense" related programs I've gone through which either do one of two things: never update their product or simply tour the country and conference calls as an "expert" on all things AdSense. To put it another way - other guys make most of their money on software sales and ebooks than they do on Google AdSense.

Roy and Maayan, while you never hear them speaking out about the conflict in their homeland - which I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep quiet about, are busy in research and development. When you log into the server while using the products that come with AdSense Wealth Empire, you're often greeted with "There's a Update" to download. Oryah Meir, on the AWE support team is keen to hear every suggestion and quickly assists with going over your gameplan and problem solving any area of your "empire" work.

And today is no different - an exciting new strategy that involves just what I've been discussing the past few days, is about to be released. New videos, to compliment the AWE program and blueprint, will deal with linking and how to correctly structure Page Ranking - plus, what to do with it once you've got it.

The videos, due out in days, will be available to all AdSense Wealth Empire customers.

More information on AdSense Wealth Empire.

From Naples, FL - Dave Jackson

P.S. Please remember what is happening in the Middle East at the moment. I encourage you to switch off the TV and search some of the bloggers who are posting in spite of the conflict in their backyard, for the real story.