Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Tivo Works Well

I get a certain question probably a lot more than others and that is, why do some things just take off and others that you would think be a great idea ..never get off the ground.

And the answer is real easy.

It's whatever people can relate to. Write that down.

It's the reason shows like Dancing With the Stars and Extreme Makeover are SO popular! We see us up there on the screen. We can relate.

And think of something in life you loved but didn't last and the answer you'll find is that somehow it was unrelateable.

We have an innate need to connect with stuff on "some" level. It just makes sense, no? You always associate with that which makes you comfortable.

So take this lesson and apply it to your niches. Why people think Tivo is such a great product? It allows them to playback things they can relate to at any time. Sometimes that's as good as mama's chicken soup.

Love to hear your comments.

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Updating Via Email

Unless you were looking for it, you wouldn't know I updated my blog here by emailing this post to a control address at Blogger. Most blogging platforms will allow you to do this, so it's a good idea to stay active simply by writing to your blog.

Do you have other ideas about keeping you blog content current? Share them with me and I'll post them here.

Talk soon,
Dave Jackson

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Update Your Blog Via SMS
Keep your blog up to date by posting directly from your phone. This will keep anything that monitors your blog aware you are working.
Update Your Blog Via SMS
Keep your blog up to date by posting directly from your phone. This will keep anything that monitors your blog aware you are working.

Blue Skies

One of my favorite things is jogging about an hour after sunrise.  It doesn't always work out that way, like so many things, but often it does and I get the opportunity to enjoy something that is visually satisfying and just great for my body as well.

This morning the skies were simply blue.  No clouds.  And I thought as I trotted off toward the beach that times are changing and that the day is going to be awesome.  The run was wonderful and I even split up my running in the morning with an afternoon upper body workout.

Once home, some phone calls started coming in.  These were the energy zapper types that seem to take the wind out of you.  When I got done listening to the messages, I just wanted to stare out the window and contemplate what I am really doing here.  Some people don't get it, and yet, others want you to be all things.

I came to this blog because I really haven't given you an update in a while.  A couple of seasons have seemed to go by and even though the web address is still here, I haven't added anything.

Today I found by poking around the backend of Blogger, that you can actually update the blog by SMS Text.  And many of you have asked me when your list of websites you publish to gets sizeable, how do you keep up without some sort of automation.

Well, you know I hate automation on websites.  I can tell when it is used and it just feels so cold.  I've been down that road and tried it, and the results are like a flash of kindling.  Yes, you can realize some quick profit from it, but the long-term damage that it does to your blog or website reputation isn't worth it.

So I'll try a few quickie updates using SMS.  I don't see how this is anything different than Twitter since you can only write a couple of lines.  Still, it should keep the Googlebot gods happy, whereas Twitter can't do that for you.

Keep me bookmarked.  I have some cool stuff I want to share with you that has been going on this past summer.  And you are my friends, no?