Monday, November 19, 2007

Helio Makes for the Finish Line

Helio Castroneves no programa Dancing with the StarsOne of my favorite programs on the telly is ABC's Dancing with the Stars. First, I love that it's live. That in itself is entertaining even if you've never working in the industry. Broadcasting anything live is exciting - well, almost anything.

And my favorite character this season is Helio Castroneves. Of course, my vote is with him because Brazil is my second country, but even still he wins me over with the way he applies his racing skills in practice and on the dance floor.

Ganhando formula Indy na Indianapolis 500 Helio CastronevesNow, I'm not that great a dancer. Worse, when I think they dance well on the program, I'm proven otherwise. And the inverse is true, too.

In all, I love seeing the way that once you have your formula for success, you can apply it to many different areas of your life. And the same holds true with what you are doing with your work on the Internet.

I will continue through the steps to day 90, then we'll take everything down and create a membership site where you will get even more of my inside tips. It will be like working in the garage with the Indy car. You will be able to see why and ask questions.

Tomorrow on to more work with your sites.