Monday, August 13, 2007

Fastest Way to Get Into Google

Just a quick note - my site number 1, the one on acid reflux at, has already been indexed by Google. The best way you can tell if your page is indexed, is to pick off the first sentence of the page/article, and look it up in Google search using quotes. Here's an example:,+millions+worldwide+suffer+from+symptoms+caused+by+acid%22

Check out the Google cache and you'll see it was cached four days after I posted it. That's pretty good.

One of my secrets using Blogger type blogs is to make full use of the Labels for each post. These always give me more entries in Google search for a variety of topics. That is always good.

This is all to say that what we're doing here, if you're following my methods, will get your site in the search engines in little time and people will start coming to your pages.