Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Linking Strategies

There are new linking strategies I am experimenting with, which I will begin discussing here. Actually, I've been thinking about creating a new website with SEO for beginners. The more I search, the more I see there are many opinions based on very thin premises.

Of course, that's human nature. One bit of feedback in the positive and we shut the book on our study. Bad move.

Ideally, you first learn from those with a great track record and later you pick and choose what you feel will work for you.

You create goals, then values, and filter everything through those.

Say for instance you happen upon my blog. You start reading through some of the old posts and you begin to like the way I write, the way I bring it down to earth where you can use it. And because you have a goal of creating another stream of income with the Internet, and you want to do it with ads, you find that this blog is worth subscribing to.

I've some great news on linking and you'll be the first to know.

Would be cool to have a live chat session about this. Let me know if you're in.