Tuesday, September 20, 2005

neworleansresource.com Is Live

The first site I am experimenting with is now live. www.neworleansresource.com is updating according to the parameters I set in RSS Equalizer. The way the program works is that it caches the news feed in a MySQL database for how ever many hours you select.

What I did was study the feed for a day and determined how often the stories updated. Most were every 12 hours, however some were every two or three days. Setting the cache allows your web page to display quicker because it is pulling all the data out of your MySQL database.

This morning I noticed problems with the site displaying. Other domains on the same server don't seem to have a problem. Could it be that all my pages are updating their cache at the same time? Unlikely. There is also a problem with the Google AdSense ads displaying which holds up the sidebar from loading. Articles still display, but with no sidebar and no ads.

I would like feedback, if you care to comment, on if you feel the sidebar menu, where it says - News From Other Locales - would work better below the AdSense ads (better for the AdSense to be seen), or if leaving it where it is would prompt people to view other pages?

One thing you must be careful with when setting up a site and submitting it to the search engines is making changes to the site. Yes, you want to keep tweaking it, but it is far better to get those pages into the search engines and then tweak more, than to constantly change page names and headings.

I promised a post on what other things I am doing to get traffic to the site, and I'll do that, plus, Yahoo replied about not being able to add the RSS feed to their My Yahoo system. So, I'll post that as well.

The next domain I am working on is floodingresource.com. This site will be designed to bring resources together for people interested in flood zones and flood insurance.

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