Friday, March 16, 2007

What Are Your Best Hosting Companies?

At first I had all of my sites at Yahoo Small Business. Then, when I noticed at Alexa that '95% of sites are faster than yours', well - I did some research. was where I spent some time - and at the time, was pretty fast. I already had some accounts there, so I moved the Yahoo accounts over.

And that's worked out well until today - I'm getting 404 errors on many of my sites there. I called, using Skype, (because with 1and1 you'll sit on the phone for an hour before you get a live person), and the support girl told me that everyone is calling in. I thought it was funny, she used the words - "okay, to be honest with you..." Ha.

So right now I am doing a major upload to Yahoo. I still have the accounts there - never canceled them for ... well, for this reason. And it's coming up on 3 PM - which is the time I've chosen to change the DNS for my major accounts.

Hey, another fun URL at Netcraft is the hosting provider switching list. You can tell who's running away from their host. Rackforce and Rackshack hold the award. Check it out.

Gotta run... I am working on a report regarding the recent duplicate content penalty with Google. This was eye-opening, even for me - when I dug in. You'll be amazed.

So let me know who you use. I'm always interested in what is working for you.


Anonymous said...

I use Host Gator. They haven't been down since I've been on - last November. And their support is pretty decent. They use CPanel.

Jim Edmonds

Anonymous said...

I had horrible experience with Aplus... most of my e-mail never came through. Poor support. Julie

Anonymous said...

I have a few domains at Rackshack on a shared server with a friend. I see they don't rank too well with Netcraft... as far as people switching. ha - thanks for the nice post.


Maxwell said...

I guess I'm not the only one to think 1&1 is garbage