Monday, May 01, 2006

Testing Google AdWords Position Preferences

Hey, one of the most interesting tools to come out of the Google bag of goodies is the Position Preferences setting with Google AdWords. Just what is it?

Position Preference lets you tell Google where you'd like your ad to appear on Search Engine pages. It doesn't work with the Content Network and could get complicated if you have a ton of keywords.

Okay, here's the deal:

From my findings, position 3 to 5 is the very best. What I am recommending to you is to view all your keywords that are performing lower than 5 and higher than 2. Next, on the ones lower than 5, increase your bid about 6 cents and set your Position Preference to 3 to 5.

Then, on the keywords that are above 2, leave the bid alone and set the Position Preference to 3 to 5.

Watch this over the next three days. If your CTR decreases by 25%, revert back to your previous settings. Remember, my rule of thumb is to document everything and if anything changes by 25% usually within the period you normally check, undo your changes.

Keep testing - that's how I get great results from what I do. I change and watch, test, almost to paranoia - but the payoff is sweet.

Say, my ebook is done and I am now looking into the best way to market it. You will want a copy because it contains tips that I do not include here. With these tips, you can easily increase your ROI and continue to add to your work and bottomline.

Keep in touch!
Let me know how your Position Preferences work out.


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