Thursday, January 19, 2006

How Much Money Can You Make with AdSense?

Great White Heron knows focusPeople ask - how much money can you make with Google AdSense? There are plenty of success stories on the 'net. One thing I have noted is that most people quit before payday.

Living in Florida has its advantages - especially South Florida. Orlando (Disneyworld, Universal, etc.) can be freezing while we're enjoying weather in the 50's. Another advantage, if you enjoy critters, is living near the Florida Everglades.

For weeks I've noticed a few Great White Herons around the school on our street. I grabbed my camera one day because I noticed how captivated they are about one thing - finding their next meal!

It's true - you can get fairly close to these guys because they are so focused on finding that next bug (lizards work well, too).

And that's how you have to be with your contextual ad campaigns. Focused.

One of my best kept secrets is my contextual ad journal. I write everything in there. From day to day I can see what I've changed and see how it's affected performance. I can see what works and like the heron, seize that opportunity. I'm sure the herron has recorded that the good bugs are around the shrubs at the school.

I thought this recent article in the New York Times was revealing, but there is no source listed and I doubt this is true for every publisher. Here's what it says: and the company's foreign search sites contribute more to Google's bottom line than AdSense, because for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense and other places that distribute its ads, it pays roughly 78.5 cents back to sites like Digital Point that display the ads.

That's right around the figure I had; actually, I came in a tad lower for publishers - around 50 - 60%. So, it's believable.

And my thinking is that YPN is right up there as well.

Tip for today - stay focused, work it like a business, and don't quit before payday.

Oh, and go out and buy yourself a journal! Gotta find them bugs!

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