Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AdWords Dominator - Not Ready for Prime Time?

Late Sunday night I went online and purchased KeyWords Analyzer and AdWords Dominator, both from Chris Lee & Goran Nagy. These appear to be two tools that can do my work a little faster. In this business, efficiency is job one.

I first installed KeyWords Analyzer, and proceeded to try to find a nice "walk you through a typical scenario" for the software. After a half hour of futile searching, this document doesn't exist.

With KeyWords Analyzer there is a help file that tells you what all the bells and whistles do, and a few suggestions as to what to look for. I actually found more information in an unrelated doc included in a bonus pack of other software. The doc is called The Keyword Master's Course by both Chris and Goran. But, watch out - the last paragraph talks about the program selling for $79.00. It does not. It's $97.00 - maybe a typo - nonetheless, I wrote Chris about this and never heard back.

I will fully review KeyWords Analyzer and report here at a later date.

Next, AdWords Dominator. This sounds like a nice piece of software to have on the onset. It uses the Google API to connect to your AdWords account and allow you to manipulate it from the desktop - not a web interface. So far, so good.

AdWords Dominator Not ConnectingThe software and database install well, but problems soon crop up when trying to connect to the Google AdWords site. Untold timeouts and connection errors pop up on the screen when the web browser has no problem making a connection.

Next, you naturally have to download historical data into your database on your PC. This allows the program to work much faster. I had problems. At first, the data seemed okay - but then - I see I have no keywords listed for some campaigns. On others, the ad data was zero - like CTR for the past 3 months.

After half a day of uninstalling and deleting databases, reading forums and searching, I e-mailed Goran Nagy. Over half the day has gone by an I haven't heard from these fellows. They just may be out of pocket.

What frustrates me is that there is no documentation on AdWords Dominator to again - walk you through a typical scenario, no slick video as the sales one on the web site. Would it be all that hard to write up how best to use their software? Because right now, the Google AdWords interface is looking pretty good.

What's your experience?


Chris Lee said...


Read your comment about lack of documentation with AdWords Dominator. What I don't get is that you make no mention of the 42 page PDF help file that walks you through installation of the software.

It's in the program file and is accessed by pressing help>help on the toolbar.

So - I find comments about a lack of help confusing to say the least.

Chris Lee
AdWords Dominator

Dave Jackson said...

Thanks Chris,

My challenge did involve installation, and the documentation does not mention that you can bugger up the database by doing what I did, but that's not my main complaint...

You guys really need to have a walk-through, a typical use document that goes over how to best utilize each feature to help the end user get the most from your software.

Other than your AdWords Efficiency Indicator (AEI), which is useful, the program continues to be more cumbersome to use than Google AdWords Editor.