Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yahoo Ads - Yahoo! Publishers Network

It's called Yahoo! Publishers Network, a contextual advertising program similar to Google AdSense. The program is in Beta, and you must be a legitamate business to be considered. The program is not open to individuals at this time.

You may know that one of my sites has been doing extremely well since day one. I am adding a new pages every few days and it seems to be viral in that people look at one site and click to another to read about different topics.

So I decided to place the Yahoo! ads on the main site. This is one of the newest pages and doesn't have a lot of traffic.

The temptation is to place it on one of the sites that is doing well to see if YPN as it's called, can pull the weight.

With YPN you can target from various sectors. In other words, my pages are on travel, but if I like, I can show ads on mortgages. I am sure it's only a matter of time that Overture will have a passel of ads and they will better match the context. For now, remember we're in Beta and it is interesting to watch each day how the ads better reflect the context of the page.

For instance, on one post, Google AdSense is on the page, we get ads with just about everything you'd want and expect. YPN, set for a particular target, shows you some relation to that target - but maybe not you'd expect. Believe me, that will greatly improve over time.

I loved the font of the YPN ads. Looks nice and crisp, flows with the page. It is slightly bigger than Google's.

There are some programs and scripts that allow you to rotate AdSense and YPN ads. I will cover them in another post. And, no, I'm not leaving the AdSense program nor will I stop writing about optimizing your work to get the most out of it. Let's continue our discussion. My point with talking about YPN is simply to show you that if you had any doubt, contextual based ad serving is here for a while.

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