Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Using the 336 by 280 Block and Sectional Targeting

Just how much is too much? The 336 x 280 pixel AdSense block takes up the better part of the page in a blog. That's a lot of real estate given the Blogger type blogs post only to a 400 pixel column of a typical 1024 pixel wide page.

Still, it's a new month and I'm going to see how well moving the blocks will improve things. You may notice, I've removed the AdSense links along the top as well as the block on the page footer. There are now two skyscrapers running down the side which will accompany the blog column.

In addition, I've added Sectional Targeting to the template. It really doesn't matter on this blog, since everything here is about one subject - but be aware this is a great tool, especially if you cover more than one subject on your page and your AdSense ads are typically following something off topic.

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