Sunday, October 30, 2005

My AdSense Ads Don't Follow my Context

Just a few posts ago I told you about the new "wizards" Google AdSense has to get the correct ads running on your site(s). Well, today we have the opportunity to use one.

You see, on one of my niche sites I found that the ads were not following the context a full three days into the project. The AdSense template is in place, but I'm getting ads for hurricane type products.

So remember, we use the wizard that says, "The ads don't appear to match the context of my site." Clicking that I get an order to clear my browser cache and cookies. That done, I press "Continue". Here I'm asked whether the code ran for at least 48 hours. This is a time window Google is allowing for the famous GoogleBot to crawl the site and match ads to context.

When I click "Yes", that 48 hours has passed to allow the GoogleBot to visit, the next pages asks if I am using an language that is accepted in Google's AdSense program.

On the next page, I'm actually stuck - because the questions are: "Yes" - My settings are for both image and text ads, or "No" - My settings are for image ads only.

And here's my dilemma; according to current AdSense thought, text ads perform better than image ads. Image ads are said to remind us of the good ol' banner ads we have become blind to. I'm following current thinking and using "text only" ads. What are you using?

I clicked "Yes", that I'm using text and images, because at least the word "text" appears.

The next screen asks if you are using Flash. The idea here is if the page is almost all Flash content, the Google software will not have enough text to make heads or tails of the context.

I'm then asked if I've made recent changes. Well, since this is a new page, I select yes.

And that brings us to the end of the wizard, which says, wait another week and a half for a new spidering of the site.

Are you that patient? (plus 1 and 1/2 weeks of AdSense revenue on the page/site could mean quite a loss). I wasn't, and so drilled down to the page where I am able to fill out a form.

So, I wrote that the ads don't seem to follow the context. My experience with Google is that they are quick to respond to a request. I'll post a follow-up when they reply.

Another way to check your page is to drop the www in the URL. For example, you will find that and returns two different results.

One thing Google may suggest to you is Section Targeting. I'll cover that in another post. There is a way to fine tune AdSense to use the context on the page you choose. Pretty cool.

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