Friday, September 16, 2005

How to Create Real Time Content

Wow, those spammers are like bunnies! Not even ten minutes passed after my first blog and a spammer had posted a come see my site comment. So, I deleted it. What's cool is that here at, there is a way to keep automated comment spammers out.

Feel free to comment on anything here, just stay on topic.

Today I am going to continue to investigate RSStoBlog and how it may be used. To me it's only beneficial if I can scrape headlines and not the entire posts. Several sites do that successfully - not sure what software they use.

A couple I am watching are and

Others that grab the entire post look like an attempt at doing just that - copying. I'm not interested in that, my idea is to create a central place where people can go to get all the headlines about a certain topic, instead of searching. This creates value.

This morning I checked my AdSense report for yesterday for this site - a few page views, nice! But not AdSense clicks, yet. But that's to be expected, no?

And apparently a few those tips I mentioned yesterday worked. Feedburner is showing 3 subscribers. So there's your homework for now. Get some people subscribed. Keep me updated with your comments.

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drivingvolvosoccermama said...

hi.... i 100% agreed with u. there's a lot of plagiarism nowadays. maybe they still trying to find their ientity. well glad u blog me.hope we can still change ideas i the future. till then chow!!