Thursday, September 15, 2005

AdSense Info Overload - Sorting it Out

It seems I spend at least two hours a day blogging, updating my personal and professional sites and researching what tools help me monetize my blogs. What I found myself doing was overloading on everything offered; reading, surfing, with little structure to figuring out a way to make income from blogging.

From what I see online, I am not alone in this quest.

I have several non-blog sites that do well with Google AdSense, so I know it's a real viable way of making a steady stream of income. While surfing the web recently for something, I ran across an article about RSStoBlog. What intrigued me is that this software claims it can grab RSS feeds and published at random times to a blog site, automatically.

Whoa! Did I read that right? Automatically? How automatically? According to the site, it can post any time, day or night. That would make it appear like a human was working on the site, posting updates. So, the next step would be to get the site in the search engines and then post some AdSense code and site back and wait for my check. But a cardinal rule I follow is that the site must provide value and have quality content.

Then my attention was drawn to another software program; Blog Submitter Pro. Okay, so I did try this for a day and a half. What drew me to it was the fact that it was automated submission. But I asked for my money back after two days because I began to feel bad about what I was doing - spamming blogs!

Funny, many of the bloggers wrote me back and were thrilled to get a comment on their site. For them, my wish of many, many readers to bless their pages. For others, they wanted to know how in the world I found them. So, this software is definitely not what I was searching for. Am happy the programmer gave me my money back. There is a lot of comment on many websites about this program, mostly negative.

Did it do anything in two days? Yes! It tripled my Yahoo links. Google = zero! Recommendation? Look, here's what I plan to do. Spend a little time each day and search for blogs that I like - ones that are in similar fields - and post a nice comment. Okay, maybe there won't be a follow link back to me, but, people still click and visit and isn't that what it's all about?

I do plan more research on RSStoBlog. What I want to construct is headline skimming, not article skimming - that would be as bad as the spamming, no?

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