Saturday, April 04, 2009

Google AdSense Now So Easy

One of the most rewarding things about technology is that it keeps improving.  Whether or not you're on board, is something you have to wrestle with.  It's not going to slow down, and you must get your stuff in gear unless you want to remain in the caboose forever.

I've been spending more time tweaking a system I use to put up small blogs and getting them to make money in a few weeks.  It is very rewarding and something that doesn't take much time.

Google has been great at keeping current with trends and with what works.  I was actually happy to see them drop video ads, i.e. ads that are displayed across YouTube videos when placed as an AdSense block on your page.  These never worked and the videos did not follow the context of the site most of the time.

Soon I'm going to be releasing a video series on how to create the blogs and make money from them with contextual advertising.  This will be similar to my famous 90 day challenge, but now all on video.

Talk soon!

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