Monday, January 12, 2009

Taking the Ecology Seriously

It's amazing to me it means this much to them, even as good stewards, or maybe pressure to act wisely, but whatever the case, Google has done some great strides.  Over the weekend, they posted a story in the Official Google Blog, about Powering a Google search.  And don't just skim through the numbers.  Read each paragraph so you get a good understanding of what they're trying to say.

Google has become more responsible than most data centers, and they are showing facts to tell you they're working toward keeping their carbon footprint down.

I thought about what my day is like and what I personally do to cut down on emissions that hurt the enviroment.  I don't print as much as I used to, and even print on the other side of paper when I goof up the first time.

Are you turning your PC off at night?  How about the little light in your office?  Are you keeping it on for some reason?

And what is your thermostat set to?

Make a difference - peace of mind.


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