Friday, August 08, 2008

Language Translation Plugin Based on Geo IP Tracking

It's time someone created a WordPress Language Translation plugin based on the visitor's IP geo-location. This way, when a visitor stopped by your site, it would be automatically translated for you without them having to search and then click on some "flag" in your header or sidebar.

You know what I mean - this would happen on the fly and once installed, you would have a hands-free operation. You keep posting in English, or your language, set in the plugin setup page, and forget it. Visitors would stop by and possibly not even know the blog was originally in English.

Google already does this with AdSense. When I travel abroad and check my pages, the ads are in Italian, or Spanish, or Russian. So the technology is there. We just need someone who knows how to make this happen. has a lot of stuff like this on their website. For instance, check this out:

Crazy, right? So how hard can translating a page on the fly be?

Hey, I said I was going to shoot some video on the beach this morning (well, past midnight now) and I did. Hope you enjoy it and remember to drop me an email on how you're doing with your online business.

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