Thursday, August 07, 2008

AdSense Plugin for Blogs

Two days ago I received an email asking about how to insert AdSense blocks into blogging templates. And there are probably ten different templates and plugins that work pretty well with AdSense. In fact, there is one template I was sent today that was free and claims to get double-digit click through rates.

I remember when I started with contextual advertising in earnest, back in late 2005, my template was so bad that I was getting clicks from visitors because they were hoping for something better. I mean the site was decent, but the navigation really sucked, as it does with some blogging templates.

So people simply clicked away on the ads and I became rich and famous.

Later AdSense did some slaps which, even though they were making more money (adjusted for the economy) than they are now, caused many advertisers to quit. I don't advertise near as much as I once did. I was spending over $5 grand at my peak and I haven't done that since. Google simply expanded instead of creating better relationships with those spending lots of money.

But that's OK; I retooled and switched to running AdSense instead of Yahoo Publisher Network ads. The only way I think it would work to run Yahoo is to get something incredible low cost with Google AdWords, and send them to a page without ads - then have them click through to a page set up with Yahoo ads. I haven't tried that, but it would probably work.

The 90 day challenge I published last year was a total success and many continue to make small fortunes with the system. At the end of the 90 days, I took the pages off the blog here and claimed I was going to create a program for users. If you want to know more about that, feel free to drop me an email.

Out of the 90 day challenge blossomed a few templates that absolutely rock. They convert incredible well, and better yet, are designed to ping the best blog indexes. One site was so impressive (the niche had to do with wrestling) that I posted at 8 AM and the pages were indexed in Google at 2 PM. That is the fastest I've ever seen and what's more, the system can be pre-loaded with articles.

In fact, a few days ago on a site I have about making money online, I wrote about rewriting articles. The next day a fellow left a comment on the blog about his new tool that totally rearranges the text without changing it. Sounds incredible, but I checked it out and what this thing does is puts tons of &120 and such in the HTML so to copy comparing software - it appears as a new article. Blackhat? Yeah... it is.

On another blog, I was publishing about online television program viewing, and how some website allowed you view full programs. One such site is called The day after reviewing the site, one of the co-founders of FanCast commented and thanked me for the great review. Pretty sweet - this new system rocks.

So, I'm excited with how things are going and the only reason I don't totally spill the beans here is because right now it is working SO well that I will shortly be at the pre Google slap level.

It's getting late and tomorrow I promised myself a good beachwalk - hmmm - maybe I'll record a video on the way. I am in the midst of losing weight I've gained while sitting at the PC for hours on end. Trying to get back in balance.

Take care and we'll talk soon.

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