Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Are Your Results So Far?

Okay, just taking a look at some of my metrics on the 4 sites to date. One of my sites, the one about acid reflux,, is doing poorly. I haven't received any queries from the search engines, even though the site is indexed.

But that doesn't mean diddley squat if you're in an area that's just really saturated.

I chose "acid reflux" to show you an example of a bad niche choice. This is a condition where when you get keywords, you'll need to dig a little deeper to find out if they can stand up to scrutiny. Acid reflux alone has a KEI of 456. That's awesome, but the competition (say - heavy hitters) is fierce!

Next, is doing well with the phrase "gold investments". This one was easy because right now there is a rush on gold. With China and India becoming more and more of economic powers, they want gold - and gold is hard to mine and find. The dollar isn't so strong either, so prices of gold are at all time highs. A few of the keywords I've focused on were showing right up there in the search engines (and we only started a few days ago). But right now they are not in the first few pages for search.

history of bullion market
gold industrial purposes
rules of buying gold
karat gold jewellry
californian gold jewellery
9 karats

This fluctuates and is to be expected when the site is new and has no reputation. When the articles I've created for the site start becoming distributed, the site's reputation will improve.

The next site, Three Best Dogs, is doing well. Here's a few URL's to show search results based on terms I'm focusing on:

the best miniature dog
mini dachshund tea cup
list of small dog breeds and thier characteristics
teacup breed of dogs that dont shed
ideal dog for single person

That's a few. You can see how well this site is doing. It's just going to grow. How this is different from acid reflux is based on some work I am doing. I've started compiling keyword lists on specific topics then running them through this psychological part and have found these work much better.

Lastly, is site 4. It is doing well. I'm including news stories, rewritten, of course, to make the site more appealing.

Take care and we'll have a new lesson later in the day.

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Anonymous said...


I have been following your progress and just wanted to thank you for sharing so much info on this subject. Not only have you been tell us exactly what you are doing, you are showing us the exact sites. I think that is a first, most people just give some theory and never follow with real examples.

I for one thank you for your complete process. It has been very informative. Thanks

Mike Moody