Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Raining Visitors

Tropical Almond tree About six years ago my family and I were staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Rio. I brought my boogie boards from the States because there's a great boarding spot just to the left of the hotel. Around the Sheraton Rio there are these very old tropical almond trees. They are majestic and beautiful and a perfect tree next to the ocean. In fact, I've seen these trees all throughout the Caribbean and South America. They are hardy and large leafed. I thought they would do great next to the house in Florida for shade.

Tropical Almond at Sheraton RioI took four seeds that lay on the ground around the trees at the Sheraton in Rio back from Brazil with me, smuggling them in my suitcase. When I arrived home, I planted all four seeds in a pot and waited.

To my surprise, all four germinated! I planted them on the south side of the house, just right for the summer sun.

Today I was out in the yard trimming some of the fast growth of plants here in the summer. I climbed up in the tropical almond to trim some branches. Out there for about 20 minutes it surprised me that when I came down it was raining.

Because of the size of the leaves, and because it wasn't raining that hard, I didn't know it was raining. I was busy with the trimming and didn't feel the drops.

Hey, it's not even a third-way through our project and already I am reaping the benefits of the traffic I'm creating by following the steps I've outlined here. And when you're working on all this, it is surprising that little by little traffic is coming by to check out your website.

It's important to keep working. You have the tools, you have the steps outlined for you. Get out there and keep trimming!

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