Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Update on AdSense Wealth Empire

I received a couple of e-mails lately asking how my work with the AdSense Wealth Empire is going, so I thought I should give you a little update.

I am not at the level Roy and Maayan are at, but am heading that direction. There are some tips that I'd like to pass along to you that may help you get faster into the index, and keep you from Google's Supplemental Index.

You know, if you're treating your online work as a business, you must always be in "learning mode." In the past year, I've seen so many "AdSense" programs come down the pike that it made my head spin. A few were worth looking at; all deserved a few minutes of my time.

One that caught my eye was Joel Comm's AdSense Templates. I know I've been a little hard on Joel for promoting the picture block next to the ad block that eventually got nixed by Google, but he's been in the "same" game long enough to be respected. If you do anything online, you know it's hard to stay up with everything.

The templates Joel sold late last summer had something called HyperVRE in the code. These are PHP scripts that automatically rotate text and RSS feeds on your web page so that it is always showing fresh content. I think Matt Callen invented HyperVRE. I'm a big fan of Brad Callen's work - Matt's brother.

It's funny, but the same time I noticed many (say most) of my pages I created with AWE were already in the Supplemental Index. And, I received a feed from Jim Boykin's blog, where he once wrote about Google's Supplemental Index. Jim's blog led me to a post by "HalfDeck" on "Supplemental Listings". Wow - you gotta read that post from beginning to end.

What opened my eyes was the part about - Meta Tags. I even blogged about Meta Tags here on MonetizeThis. What I noticed about all of my AWE Meta Tags were that they were short... very short - Like: "Get great iPhone information here!"

Oh, man! I should have known better. All 50 pages zapped to Supplemental inferno!

So, make sure your Meta Tags are long! At least 100 words, I'd say.

Okay, next - I learned "why" Joel had all the rotating RSS and text on his HyperVRE templates. I mean, sure - that "looks" cool... but will it benefit readers and more importantly, my ranking in the search engines?

The inquisitive mind that I have, I started researching quality sites that used RSS feeds and how they fared in the search engines, specifically, Google. I was very impressed. Some sites that advertised an RSS feed using PHP even had a PR 7 - without that many backlinks. And, they were cached quickly. But my main question was did their pages end up in Google's Supplemental Index?

I sure couldn't find any.

Joel Comm - Instant AdSense TemplateOne thing that really bugged the heck out of me was that Joel had promised a working version of HyperVRE in the AdSense Templates, which I bought, but, alas we only got the light version which doesn't do much of anything. You need the Gold version. Apparently, I wasn't the only one hot under the collar.

But I learned something. I needed the page to look fresh. And, this VRE stuff just reinforced that. I did take some code out of the light version that creates rotating text. This is good for use in your menus or nav area where you can have a little paragraph with "did you know" type of info. Looks nice.

A great script I found for rotating RSS feeds can be found at - and it's Free! And one of the best places for feeds I've found is MSN. When you work with their feeds there is none of the search html in the URL. It's the URL to the story so there isn't a way to tell you are using MSN.

Longer Meta Tags (and make "sure" that no two Meta Tags are alike - you must have a different keyword or key phrase in each one. AWE does this nicely.), and have good, current info on your pages.

Your homework is cut out for you; I know mine is.

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