Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Website Optimizer Beta

Google Website Optimizer Beta If you're into analyzing your data, Google's Website Optimizer is a welcome tool, and one that can certainly help you find the best landing page for your site. It just makes total sense. Isn't that exactly what you do when you're tuning a car?

I've always loved working with numbers and patterns. You'll find that if you get enough feedback, you can sit and tweak just about anything to make it give you its full potential.

Google Website Optimizer BetaWhen in shop class, our teacher always told us that we needed three things for an engine to work: spark, gas, and air. But mainly, he said, spark and gas. There's a bunch more to an engine, such as oil and compression, etc. But if you're looking to get an engine going - check spark and gas, first.

Any auto mechanic worth his salt knows that with spark, gas, and air - just those three - you can tweak, or tune an engine to a soft purr. Likewise, you can get every combination of sputter, backfire, gas guzzling you can imagine.

With Google's Optimizer, or "tune-up", you can change your landing page for your AdWords ads to a point where they are performing best. In fact, you can have many versions of the same page running simultaneously and Google will advise you based on goals you create (sales, etc.), how well your page is performing.

As of this writing, you can sign up for the program and be considered. I strongly recommend this tool. From my experimentation, it works well and ... who wants to run around with a poorly tuned page?

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