Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beta Blogger and Trouble in List Land isn't at fault, but today when I switched my Blogger blog from blogspot to the Beta, (newer, cooler, better, you get it...) - Aweber's list system sent out around 20 e-mails thinking that all of the posts in the past few weeks were new messages.

My apologies to everyone affected by the multiple posts and I will alert Aweber so they can come up with a fix.

Thank you for your patience and your subscription.

Kind regards,
Dave Jackson
Naples, FL

1 comment:

gregryan said...

Not a problem Dave! I was so excited so see so many new posts though....I was ready to go read them all thinking you'd been busy typing away. Then much to my disappointment I noticed they were old posts. That's ok - I read through some of the old ones again. Good stuff! Thanks for posting all of your helpful tips.