Friday, June 30, 2006

Two Methods of AdSense Domination

Just a note to let you know I haven't forgotten you. I am patiently awaiting the "Content Generator" from AdSense Wealth Empire to finish finding a few more articles.

As you may know, I purchased AdSense Wealth Empire at the same time as the Publishing Business Secrets course. The Publishing Business Secrets arrived from Malaysia, first - and I spent a day or so devouring that.

A few days later, the AdSense Wealth Empire program came from Israel. I'm still consuming it. There is a complete mindset to AWE. It incorporates some awesome strategies that completely make sense.

The Publishing Business Secrets goes at winning at AdSense a totally different way. And, that's okay - because there is much to be gained with both systems. I am partial to the AWE system. It is closer to what I am already doing.

I'll post my comparison of both after I make some sites and use the software a little more - but I want you to know I haven't slipped away into Dave's Contextual Ad Labs never to be seen again.

Stay tuned. The info will be worth the wait.

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