Tuesday, May 30, 2006

AdSense Wealth Empire Review

I'm sitting in front of my PC and watching an interesting JavaScript clock count down. We have 30 minutes to go on the AdSense Wealth Empire's "Pre-Launch" DVD - which will explain, hopefully, how a couple of fellows are making over $1 million in AdSense.

The link is http://www.adsensewealthempire.com/prelaunch/default.aspx

The background to the page is an AdSense screenshot of a report page listing around $4500 daily revenue from whatever they are doing.

My thinking is that the DVD will sell for about $500+ and they will offer it half-price today for around $250. Not shabby - considering there are many who are willing to pay that price to find out how they made $4500 a day in AdSense.

Yesterday, from a totally different source, I received a document from Patric Chan and Kelvin Hui - I believe Kelvin is the one making the income - with a sneak peek about their sites.

The gist of the article is that they have around 30+ sites using AdSense, started back in 2003, but the breakthrough didn't come until 2004.

So, I'll have an update in a little bit with this launch and some comments. I am always interest and open to new ideas about contextual advertising and making money from it. And I'll let you know what I find on Kelvin and Patric's system as I'm a BIG fan of Patric Chan.

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