Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year from Naples, FL

What a year, 2005! If you read along, we've learned a lot and worked through a lot with the changes of the contextual ad landscape. Thankfully we wound up on the positive side of the ledger. It's been good.

But as the champagne tops popped, I thought for a brief second how many of you have hopefully benefited from my work here. I hope you've taken time to read through the site and write down things that are new to you, that you can use.

I know you have many more sites to visit on this holiday - so let me make this brief.

Since the 27th of December, I've been enjoying a better than three to one return - almost a four to one return on my AdWords placing. I've never had that happen and am excited how the strategy I used to do it worked like a charm.

This month, I'll be releasing my new ebook on how you can make residual income with contextual advertising. Not just $10 - $20 a day, but over $200 on one site alone. And this is without affiliate programs or inventory you have to track.

I'm excited, and hope you will return or subscribe to my blog to be here when the ebook launches. It will be awesome to be able to share with you how the system works and how you can make it work for you.

Here's looking to a fantastic 2006!

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