Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Best Web Stats Analyzer - Google Analytics

If you have been searching for something to analyze your visitors and the ads being displayed, it has arrived, for FREE, from Google.
It's called Google Analytics and it is the former Urchin web statistical program with more features. It will track your visitors, keywords, URL, pictures, almost all data to and from your pages.

Yes, it is free, and some suggest that it really isn't free since Google now has all of your analytical data for your websites. But I look at this differently.

Whenever you have a win-win situation, you get very intense data - they find out what is working for you, things flourish. In fact, so many people are already signed up for Google Analytics that the initial data has not been returned to view as of this post. It's a good thing.

Yes, they now have access to your webstats, but in turn, they show you what is working for you and you get that for free.

Understand that Google is in business to make money, as well, and this information will help them develop bigger and better products for the marketplace.

Remember in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, John Nash and friends sat in a bar and in walked a beautiful girl. His friends said something to the effect - guys, remember Adam Smith - (father of modern economics), each man to himself! But it was at this point that Nash came up with his new theory, the Nash Equilibrium - where instead of competition, every man for himself - they would work together to solve a problem so everyone wins. Nash, in the movie, says to forget Smith - his theory is wrong. If we cooperate, we all win - referring to the girl's friends who had entered behind her in the bar.

All this to say that through cooperation bigger things are accomplished. You don't have to sign up for a Google Analytical account, but if you do, know that Google is your teammate.

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