Thursday, November 17, 2005

AdSense Dreams

I ran across this site today. It's built like many, many others that tout you can make megabucks by following some steps.

Here are the steps outlined:

1. Find a niche market using Overture or Word Tracker and luck (in this case the webmaster uses the word "instinct").
2. Find keywords.
3. Find highest paying AdSense keywords.
4. Get the AdSense on your new pages.
5. Make more money with AdSense, i.e. duplicate your efforts above.

Why won't this business model work?

Let's take it step-by-step:

First, we find a niche market. Here, I agree. Find something you are passionate about and create a site around it. Yes, it really helps if your passion happens to also be a high-paying keyword. So, we find a small niche.

Secondly, we're asked to find keywords. These are words the people may use to find your niche site in addition to the niche name. This person suggests using keywords in your Meta tags. Of course, we all know Google no longer uses anything within the Keyword Meta tags. The suggestion is also made to make sure your context and titles are well saturated with your niche keywords. That can help.

Third point; find the highest paying AdSense keywords. These are not public knowledge. We can guess based on what some people say they pay for AdWords placement. But why do we even care? Shouldn't this be the first point?

Certainly high paying keywords are not small niches. And breaking down high paying keywords to smaller niches usually end up in lower paying keywords. But that's not the worst part.

Fourth point is to click his link to get you to sign up with an AdSense account. Google is paying $100.00 for each approved new AdSense account. I am quite sure the whole crux of the site is to convince you that if you have AdSense, you can easily create a nice residual income.

Point five is just make more niche websites and more money will come pouring in. However, the author left off one big point - how to drive traffic to your site. The fallacy is, "if I build it, they will come". But even if you do get listed by the search engines - with a halfway decent keyword, where will "you" end up? And why would anyone click your page when there are a few hundred pages in front of you?

All this to say the majority of these sites, and the ones advertised using AdWords (who appear as the AdSense on this blog) are bogus. They offer misinformation and are of little value.

AdSense can be quite profitable, but you just can't fling a site up and hope people come. But if you're a subscriber here and have read through past posts, you already know that. There is a formula which takes time and effort.

The payoff can be big. Just make sure it is big for both you... and your reader.


pdp said...

That is a very interesting article thank you very much.
Consider this scenario: Someone puts Adsense on their blog the first day they start their blog. Roughly when would that person begin to see a profit of "at least" $100.00/mo? Please be brutally honest, if it will take 7 months say 7 months.
Also, I would so appreciate it if you could go to my blog at and tell me what you think of it in terms of generateing an income useing Adsense. Please be "BRUTALLY" honest.

pdp said...

I will definetly pass on the good news and follow your formula.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you guys one thing..
You can make alot of money with contextual advertising.. I for one tried google, I was suprised as to what I was making and then got accepted to yahoo and I ditched google.. It works for some but for me it didn't. I can tell you it's taken time to get where I am at now. but the truth is that I am now making over $100 a day now and hope to double it every month.

It's not easy. I won't lie.. It's taken alot of trial and error but it is finally paid off. You have to find the right type of site and be able to work at the advertising very heavily.. It will work out for you. If you keep at it and at it hard you will make it. Promise you that!

Keep up the great work! And the best of luck to you in the new year!