Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on Google Speed Analysis

You know, I'm pretty good when it comes to following advice (Google tells me to improve my page load time). I take advice from just about anyone I consider an authority. (Okay, there are some times that I don't follow advice and that's when I am in a little rebellious mood.) For the most part, though, it just serves me well to listen and take advice from someone I consider an authority. (Big G.)

Yes, we're supposed to all help in speeding up the web. I mean, it just makes for a better user experience. I'm like the next guy in that I hate to wait for anything and the web is just one thing that none of us have enough time for. So any increase in web speed is GOOD. You know, I love going to the Apple stores to see the latest and greatest Macs that seemingly blaze through web pages - and a lot of it is due to to the fact that they are fine tuned machines; but much of it is left to the pages and the speed of the server that is serving those pages.

These are two things we can do something about. One - the page itself is something you have great control over and two, the server, well, we can shop around until we find a place that servers up what we have and does it at the fastest speed.

So given that, I wrote on June 25, 2012, about page speed and how it might help me improve my page rank. I mean, Google has one of my sites at the bottom of the rankings after spending years at the very top _ (maybe they're just rotating stuff) - but in any event I was consistently getting bad scores for page speed and thought that was the culprit . How else did it end up at the bottom? I had made no changes to the site and the basic construction of the site had only improved over the years.

Still, I want to report today that even though I've gone from 10+ seconds in loading down two a very nice 3 seconds and less - it has had NO affect on my page rank . And it's been what?? about three weeks, right?

So there you have it in my case anyway - no gain at all. I truly believe that they are simply wanting others to get more exposure and then let the dust settle. My site offers great material and is all original. So we'll see.

What do you think?

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