Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Tivo Works Well

I get a certain question probably a lot more than others and that is, why do some things just take off and others that you would think be a great idea ..never get off the ground.

And the answer is real easy.

It's whatever people can relate to. Write that down.

It's the reason shows like Dancing With the Stars and Extreme Makeover are SO popular! We see us up there on the screen. We can relate.

And think of something in life you loved but didn't last and the answer you'll find is that somehow it was unrelateable.

We have an innate need to connect with stuff on "some" level. It just makes sense, no? You always associate with that which makes you comfortable.

So take this lesson and apply it to your niches. Why people think Tivo is such a great product? It allows them to playback things they can relate to at any time. Sometimes that's as good as mama's chicken soup.

Love to hear your comments.

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