Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Social Media - Justin TVs Dennis

It's in the afternoon in NYC as I write this, and a little time left to see Dennis and Arnaud broadcast live from PodCamp 2.0 in Brooklyn.

I'll be creating a video on these social networks for Net Dominate and we'll review how we got to where lifecasting is - why it's important to pay attention to it - and how you can benefit from it.

I've just finished another video on understanding the search engines. It will be up later today.

Enjoy your weekend.


kpjjf said...


Considering you started this 90 day challenge in September 2007, it seems to have grown into a 365 day challenge.

It all looked so well when I read your initial blogs and posts, and then slowly it fizzles away, until like many, you find another way to make money, in your case affiliate marketing.

it would have been nice to be able to follow this through to the end and for you to show on a monthly basis what profit you where making.

i am disappointed that it has fizzled away to nothing, and that you have not informed your followers as to your progress and income from adsense, and you new venture into affiliate marketing.

Kev Foulds

Dave Jackson said...

Hey, Kev - thanks a lot for your comment. I'll continue the remainder of the posts and keep it going.

I didn't get into affiliate marketing full time, but did add it as another stream of income.

As far as the progress, I'll post that as well in an upcoming way point.

Thanks again for your comments.

Kind regards,