Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day Seven - Site Four

It's raining cats and dogs here and just a great time to get some work in. I've been showing you a scheduled way to put up a number of websites with great content and get them profitable for you by the end of the project.

Today we're at day seven and it's time for website number four. Have you thought about what you're going to create? It is easy to get articles - you just need to make sure they are rewritten to they are nothing like what is currently on the Internet. You can probably do a better job anyway.

Now you'll need five articles, so hope your fingers are rested and you're ready to go. We'll also need a full domain name and website to post the five articles to, so make sure you have that ready to go.

As far as articles, I have to stress again that you need to be thinking of something that many people search for, but where there's not a ton of content already written on that subject. And what is too much? Well, when you search, the results is how many pages that keyword appears on (of pages indexed in the search engine). So even though there are over a hundred thousand results - don't worry - you can quickly get near the top of the heap if there is not a lot of competition (millions of pages).

Take for instance a site I have on Immigration. I registered this domain long ago when a friend of mine from Brazil won the Green Card Lottery and brought his whole family to the United States. Today, I post to it almost everyday and it is well indexed and I already get a return on the site. And it's just going to grow!

How do I know? I am using the same formula that I'm using here. And you'll learn as the course goes on.

My website number four is about foreclosure. I didn't like the topic 100 percent, but I thought with the level of interest on this topic, I'm bound to get some of the traffic doing what I do.


Ray Harris said...


Congrats on putting up 4 sites w/ good content so quickly!

2 questions:

1) None of your ads follow the blend w/ your site suggested by Google & most Adsense gurus. Do the red titles generate a higher CTR?

2) Also, Why did you choose Blogger over WordPress? Blogger is easy after you've modified the template to your liking, but there's little in the way of plugins when compared to Word Press. Would you make the same choice if you were building a list to get affiliate commissions & Adsense clicks?



Dave Jackson said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I found the red ads generate a higher CTR.

WordPress is awesome and I can do a few of these in WordPress so you can see as well. Yes, there are more plugins for WordPress - and if you want to work with affiliate links - that is the best way to go. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

Kind regards,