Thursday, June 14, 2007

How the No Follow tag works

This one is simple. There is an HTML tag called "no follow" which is used with links and causes bots, such as the infamous Google Bot and any other crawler to "not follow" the link you use it with. For instance, you send me a link to your site, but I don't want a bot to think that I give your site any value, I'll put the "no follow" tag there, like this: a href="" rel="nofollow"

Here's a great video on "nofollow" and how you can use it on your pages to increase Page Rank.

Let me know what you think of the PR Plug as well.


barry said...

I just found your profile at digitalpoint, I live in naples too. Just saying hi


Etherpud said...

Are you using this extensively already? And did you see the same instant bump in results that the video did?

Dave Jackson said...

I started using it when the video originally came out, about two months after the StomperNet launch.

When you do a search for your domain name, without the .com part, you can easily see what has been indexed and how valuable your pages are (which are listed first).

My valuable pages were the Contact Us and related static pages - where I really didn't have content. That's because ALL of my content pages had links back to the Contact Us page.

Using the no follow tag resolve this, giving more strength to the other pages immediately. I did see a bump and you will, too.