Tuesday, November 28, 2006

AdSense Arbitrage Alive and Well

I just love the software produced by Brad Callen. He has produced useful software for SEO and keyword studies, some I use everyday. As I have always said - you have to put in the work to find good keywords. Most of the lists out there just aren't "fresh".

Today I want to give you a very exciting ebook produced by Brad on how using his software you can make money with AdSense arbitrage.

Why is this exciting?! Because many have been preaching that the arbitrage days were over!

This book will show you precisely how you can find keywords and create content sites. Using Google AdWords, you can buy low cost keywords to drive traffic to your sites.

One fellow made $4500.00!

So grab your ebook here and read through and then put it to work. I use this same method using Brad's software and make a good living. This is your chance to create a great stream of income. Download my gift to you now.

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Money Merge Account Blog said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the post. I just learned a new meathod: "Arbitrage." I look forward to learning more about contextual advertising from your posts.