Tuesday, October 03, 2006

StomperNet Too Expensive

Once when I mentioned a certain item was "too expensive" to my friend, he simply replied, "It's not too expensive; you just can't afford it."

With the release of StomperNet today, I couldn't justify buying into the program at some $750/month when I have so many other profitable ventures going on - that take time to keep well greased. StomperNet wasn't a fit.

I wish both Brad and Andy the best as they get into this new venture.

If anything, Andy should be given an award in 'Net marketing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for an honest and "independent" opinion from someone who is apparently making it happen without the latest and greatest script or video tutorials. It seems like every day or at least every week we are bombarded with the latest new thing to make us all wealthy and the same "crew" of super affiliates seem to be promoting it. Your blog email updates are one of the few I have not recently unsubscribed from - keep up the great work.