Saturday, April 08, 2006

No Worry AdSense Blocks

Dave on Geriba Beach, Búzios, BrazilI just returned from an awesome vacation in Brazil. My family and I spent some quality time on the peninsula of Búzios in the state of Rio de Janeiro. If you've seen pictures of Rio's beaches, imagine something 10 times as sophisticated and exclusive, and we're at Búzios.

What time off did was give me time to concentrate on other things. For me, God, family and my ebook. And, yes - I did finish it. It was a breeze because when away from the normal routine your mind, like a miracle, just puts everything in place. Thoughts come that had eluded you. As the pen hits the paper, words flow.

This was the first time that I spent any amount of time away from the computer and the Internet. And, I am happy to report that my system worked fine in the interim. As a matter of fact, the only thing I am doing now after being away is adding more content based on the data gathered over those two weeks. Pretty exciting.

Dave and mother-in-law on Geriba Beach, Búzios, BrazilOne other thing you will have to keep an eye on is where your AdSense ads are appearing on the Google SERPs. The are the search engine results pages, and remember we want our ads appearing within the top four positions.

Naturally, over two weeks, there is going to be some fluctuation. Just make sure your top keywords aren't out of range.

And based on your new data, you'll probably have new avenues of interest to add to your site. Get busy! These will bring you additional revenue.

So, remember - if you want something that can bring you income while you're away for two weeks - this is the system to follow. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Take care!

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