Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sprint (no) Service - Unacceptable

One thing wealth brings is the ability to make choices. Many times growing up I was reminded that money doesn't grow on trees, and that this or that thing was "too expensive", or that "costs too much". In reality, folks around me simply had a case of "lack mentality". It wasn't until I stopped thinking in lack that abundance was a huge part of my life.

What does this have to do with contextual advertising? It doesn't. Skip this post if you'd like. Just something I have to get off my chest and maybe you need to hear.

When abundance takes over, money flows. If money doesn't flow, it stops. It's that simple. Think about if you are stopping money, or letting it flow through you - by giving and being a channel for money to flow through. When you accumulate it, it has a tendency to stop.

Lately the local phone company has been giving me fits. Now it takes a lot to do that because I'm a pretty calm person. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, our phone line went down. No dial tone. I called Sprint - which is our local phone company, and the only game in town. They gave me a date of December 5th - more than a week - and I laughed. They replied that service would be restored a lot sooner than that. It was because of Hurricane Wilma that they had their system gave those dates.

I called every day for an update. Some representatives of Sprint were kind. Some were short, and rude.

We got our service restored on December 6, a day after the projected repair.

Today, the phone line is unusable. Noise, crackling, hum. Since I know the routine fairly well, I first created a ticket on the website. Then I followed up with a call from my trusty Verizon cell phone. The projected repair date? December 13. About a week from now.

What's wrong with this picture?

We had great service during and after the hurricane. Sprint claims that it is hurricane clean-up that is damaging their lines. That may be, however, Sprint management needs to dispatch help to the Naples, Florida area if crews are working one week behind schedule. Funny they should charge me a "Storm Cost Recovery Charge".

No matter how wealthy you may be, when there is only one company monopolizing a utility, you have no choices - and I believe that's unacceptable.

Thank God for cell phones.

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Dave Jackson said...

Update - Sprint came out Sunday. I saw this guy walking around outside my house and peered at him through the blinds. Howard spent over an hour cleaning up the wires and making sure everything worked to my satisfaction.

Thanks, Howard, for working on a Sunday.

My only gripe is that they don't bring down troops from the north to help these fellows out still cleaning up wiring nightmares from Hurricane Wilma.