Friday, December 02, 2005

Keywords for your Weekend

My buddy, Peter, flies one of these. To me, it's intimidating, yet so beautiful. I am thrilled by almost anything that flies and this is no exception.

When we get together, as we will do this evening, we always talk about flying and the whole aviation industry. It is hard for me to put my mind around how Peter sits in the cockpit and leaves Miami for Osaka, Japan, without more than - "it's another day at work, Dave."

I think about that, and am certain, due to e-mails I receive, that many of you are intimidated by the whole contextual advertising industry. You are thrilled to see someone gain big, almost like cheering when someone wins on "Wheel of Fortune". I often told my Dad that it wasn't he that won the car at the end of the show. He was happy, just the same, to see someone else gifted in a big way. But that's another "blog".

You, too, don't have to just sit on the sidelines and watch. You do have enough knowledge to get started and create some great residual income.

I am currently working on an e-book that will detail step by step how to create and run your own site with contextual advertising. If you follow the steps in the book, you will be on your way to residual income within 30 days - I am confident.

If you'd like to be advised when the book is available, please drop me a line at I will send you an e-mail when it's completed. I am so sure you will benefit from this book. It will be complete in a few more days.

Now, it's Friday night - and I thought I'd leave you with a few keywords you can use to create some great sites. Just remember my rules: create sites with content of value and drive traffic to your sites. The rest will pretty much take care of itself.

Okay - the first keyword is "air mattress". 43,000 searches were done on it last month. There are 1,370,000 matches in Google for the keyword and around 110 AdWord ads for your AdSense pages, with the top bid running around $1.52. The KEI index is 1361.

Next is "chef hat". 12,000 searches last month. 401,000 matches in Google. 55 AdWords. $1.31 is the highest bid and the KEI index is 338.

Then there is "corel draw". 23,000 searches last month. 2,080,000 matches in Google. 33 AdWords ads. $1.82 highest bid. KEI index of 251.

Here's a great one for the season: "firewood rack". 5800 searches last month (better now, no?) 64,000 matches in Google and 55 AdWords ads. Top bidder was at $1.26. KEI of 518.

And finally, there is "fish oil". 38,200 searches last month. 2,090,000 matches in Google. 97 AdWord ads and $1.22 paid by the top ranker. KEI index of 696. Sweet.

These are from my research. I will post more soon. So go out now and spin the wheel. With enough clues, you will solve the contextual ad puzzle and win in a big way. That's my wish - and hope that you find many of your clues right here.

Thanks for your interest and have an awesome weekend.



JT said...

Where are you getting how many adwords ads there are? I know how to find everything else you're mentioning

Dave Jackson said...

Hi JT,

Just count them. Click on the link that says "More Sponsored Links »" on the bottom of the SERP and keep counting.

Hope this helps.